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The Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission is here to promote Christ and His Kingdom. This is accomplished in many ways. We assist a family of twelve area churches by providing youth and music programs, outreach programs, filling the pulpit when needed, finding preach-ers to serve the churches, etc. Eight of the twelve are self-supporting while we financially assist four of the churches in providing ministers. We operate camp programs and retreats not only for these churches but for dozens more. While many church camps charge hun-dreds of dollars for a week of camp, we charge only $65.00 and will turn no child away regardless of ability to pay. Events like the Men’s Clinic have an effect that reaches all over the country and even other parts of the world. While all this is going on, we still care for the poor of the area, assisting with food and clothing.
Recently a gentleman was remarking on the fact that his mother raised nine children near Honobia. He said there were times when they had no shoes, few clothes, and little to eat. “All that changed,” he said, “when McReynolds came to the mountains and started the Mis-sion. He made sure we had food, clothes, and shoes.” That gentleman became a Christian as a result of this and grew to be a responsible adult, working all over the country and then retiring back here at Honobia. He is now a faithful member of Christ’s Church at Little River and gives of his time, talent, and treasure to the church and the mission on a regular basis! He is just one example of a good work done that is still reaping benefits today. We live in a different day but the work begun here long ago is just as needed today as it was then! Nothing gets done without your financial support. “God bless your ole gizzard!” as Mac used to say.

Hope to see you soon.
We would love to come to your church and present the work of the Mission. . Give us a call at (918) 942-8869.

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In The Kiamichi's - 1969 Men's Clinic
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