Welcome to the Kiamichi Mission website! The Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission is a non-denominational Christian mission sponsored by Christian churches and Churches of Christ . KMCM exists to establish churches in the Kiamichi mountains area of SE Oklahoma and western Arkansas. This is approximately a 3000 square mile area reaching east and west from Antlers, Oklahoma to Mena, Arkansas and north and south from Broken Bow to Poteau, Oklahoma. Several churches have been established but there are still many places we hope to establish a church. As the established churches become self-supporting and funds become available we will be looking into new areas to evangelize.



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          Kiamichi Newsletter — July 2019

Dear Friends,

This will serve as our July Newsletter because we knew you would want to know all the exciting details of the Kiamichi School of Preaching which will launch on August 12, 2019.  We do want to report tremendous Christian Service Camps in June.  There were many decisions during Senior Camp and 20 baptisms during the Junior Camp.  Junior Camp broke an all-time record for attendance with 95 campers!  WOW!  There were also two new congregations who participated this year and brought several children.  Don’t forget the Ole Fashioned Family Fun Camp this month beginning Sunday Evening on July 21st.  For all the details please refer to the last two newsletters.

We are so excited to have six, preaching students enrolled in the Kiamichi School of Preaching.  Everything is in order, and we are ready to begin with our very first class on August 12, 2019.  The cost for a Residential Degree Student  per semester is $3,750.  This includes the “Onsite Student Fee” of $1,200; a “Textbook Fee” of $150; and “Room and Board” of $2,400.  A further explanation of the fees and payment options are included on page ten of the Student Manual which may be obtained through our office.  God has blessed us with some of the finest teachers in our brotherhood today.  All instructors have the minimum required degrees for teaching at a college level and many have other advanced degrees.  In addition, these instructors have hundreds of years of combined ministry and preaching experience to share.  The following written testimony was given by one of the enrolling students as part of required submissions and is shared with you by permission:

“Before I truly gave my life to Christ I thought life was easy-going and simple.  Just go to church once a week and open up my Bible every now and then.  Eventually, I was married and then had a son.  I thought every-thing was perfect as could be until my wife told me that our son wasn’t mine.  And that’s when I really went downhill for a few months and just pushed everybody away from me, secluding myself from everyone and everything.  I would just go to work and come home every day.  Life was miserable and I kept thinking to myself, “I’m not worthy to become anything special”.  At some point, during those months, I didn’t think anyone would miss me when I was gone.  Then I started thinking, “Why am I still here if I’m not doing anything with my life.”  One day, while I was doing chores around the house, the song “Lift Up Your Face” by Third Day came on the radio.  Out of nowhere, I had this spark to just pick up my Bible and start reading.  Then I had this spark that I haven’t felt in forever come over me, and I liked how I felt when I read my Bible.  So, I started making it an everyday thing, maybe a few pages or chapters a day.  After awhile, I started watching pastors preach and then I thought about the impact

my Youth Pastors had on me growing up,

and how I wanted to be that for some

other kid looking for his faith.  After a

couple of months of really thinking about

it and praying about, it I decided to

give my life to God completely on April

3rd, 2018 and try my best to become a

man of God.  The biggest step of faith for

me was for-giving my “Ex” for everything

that happened.  I could tell forgiving

her made her happy.  Since that moment,

God has truly changed my perspective on

life and my attitude toward every obstacle that pops up and what it means to be Christlike.

The reason I want to attend the Kiamichi School of Preaching is to truly become a man of God and help lead others to Him.  I have a ways to go, but I truly believe this school can transform me into a true man of God and lead others who need help in their faith.  Brian, my former Youth Pastor thinks this school will be great for me to learn the Bible and how to speak the Gospel with authority.  After I complete the School of Preach-ing, I hope to become a Pastor/Youth Pastor at a church of any size.  If that doesn’t work out, then the trades will definitely help.  But, my main goal is to become a Pastor or Youth Pastor.”

We are praying you will pass this material on to anyone who may be interested in attending the Kiamichi School of Preaching or serving as an instructor, or supporting with prayers and financial gifts.  The only way to rescue the Church; to save our Nation; and change the World, is to Preach the Good News, establish more congregations, and build the Lord’s Church.  God chose “the foolishness of preaching” as the catalyst to accomplish this.  The Lord needs more PREACHERS NOW!  With your help we commit ourselves to providing as many as possible.



Artie Carnes, Director

Cell Phone:  (918) 942-8869

Email: director@kiamichimission.org

P.S.  We are searching and praying for congregations within driving distance, who will sponsor a preaching student for a weekend ministry.  Preferably, to shadow the current preacher and assist in all areas of minis-try.  If a congregation accepts this responsibility, they will need to provide room and board from Friday after-noon through Sunday afternoon, assist with transportation to and from their location, and provide a small stipend of at least $50.00 to help with their expenses for the weekend.  In return, the preaching student is willing to assist the Preacher in all aspects of ministry including preaching, teaching, youth, evangelism, outreach, etc.


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